Deliver The Profile Episode 127: Sending Mike To Belize

Sorry for the lateness, but we have a big episode for you, one nearing two hours. There’s Criminal Minds news as the Season 15 episode titles appear to leak. There’s show news as the podcast gets into a feud with a baby. Then there’s the matter at hand, “Love Interrupted”, a Beyond Borders episode about
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Deliver The Profile Episode 126: A G-g-g-ghost?!?!?!

Well, it’s finally happened: Criminal Minds is flirting with the possibility that the unsub is a fucking ghost. It’s not, but what if it was? “The Angel Maker” spends about 20 minutes down that route. In the aftermath of Hotch losing his hearing, there’s almost nothing done with that. Look, there’s not a lot of
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Deliver The Profile Episode 125: Porpoising

Well, it’s finally happened: Criminal Minds does 9/11. Mind you, they don’t actually take on that case, as 9/11 was allegedly already solved years ago. A plane crashes and it reminds everyone of 9/11, especially Jennifer Love Hewitt, who lost family in the attacks. “A Thousand Suns” is a real shitshow with multiple red herrings,
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