Deliver The Profile Episode 124: The Boogerman

Say goodbye to Elle, the brunette we barely knew and didn’t really care about. She makes her exit in “The Boogeyman”, which is otherwise about a short staffed team pursuing a child murderer. Who could it be? Like all Criminal Minds mysteries, it’s not that hard to figure out. This episode features early performances by
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Deliver The Profile Episode 123: Criminal Minds: SVU

Suspect Behavior has finally ended, so Ronnie and Jazz are back to their traditional beat of Criminal Minds Classic. Yet this is a departure of an episode in that the unsub isn’t a serial killer at all–he’s a RAPIST. Did the boys watch an episode of SVU by mistake? No, unfortunately. “Aftermath” is the beginning
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Law & Order Season 3 #8 (#31): Who Munches The Munchmen?

Superheroes! Who doesn’t love them? Well, me, after they got so ubiquitous I couldn’t fucking ignore them anymore. Still, I have multiple bookshelves of comic book trades, owning way more Namor storylines than anyone has any business owning. I thought to ‘celebrate’ the release of the 47th Marvel Cinematic Universe movie-film, Avengers: Chunnel by covering the infamous
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Deliver The Profile Minisode 1: Wrapping Up Suspect Behavior

What’s this? It’s the first EVER Deliver The Profile minisode! What is a minisode? Well, it’s when the boys record something that’s under an hour. Minisode #1 is their final word on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. Ronnie and Jazz go through why the show doesn’t work, its shitty characters and rank the episodes from least
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Deliver The Profile Episode 122: Free Sex

Throw away the DVD set and hang up your Forest Whitaker pennant because Suspect Behavior is over – for good! For the season/series finale, Ronnie and Jazz (well, Ronnie) do the unthinkable: listen to the commentary track. What insights do the cast and crew have to offer? What insights do the hosts have? “Death by
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