Can We Just Be Friends? Episode 14

Three Card Monte isn’t just for the seventies anymore. Follow the red card and you’ll be rich with podcast goodness. Follow the black and it’s tough luck, jack. Plus Skinner tries to solve our nations mental health and gun’s right issues all in one fell swoop, if that doesn’t get you to download.. I don’t
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Hannibal Groupwatch: Part 3 – The DeBraining

G.g. Launchbaugh I can’t see Hannibal driving a chevy pickup, that’s just ridiculous. Kip Reed The Hannies I fell in love with would have color coordinated with that truck.   Ronnie Gardocki Truly, Anthony Hopkins is a man of a thousand hats   Brian Auron Scotch and Cheez-Its. Best way to obsess over something. Brian Skinner She needs to stop
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