TV Binge: Hannibal

Over the past decade-and-a-half, television has seemingly entered a golden age. A number of shows have become critically adored, with new heights achieved in acting, writing, and directing. Despite this, I was able to remain almost completely oblivious to almost every critically acclaimed television show that has debuted since 1999, only hearing about how good
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Episode 24 – Hannibal!

MY LONG WAIT IS FINALLY OVER!! I’m joined by two very special co-hosts, Kip Reed and Skinner (just Skinner) to talk about Jack Crawford, Sweaty Will Graham, Bedelia Du Maurier’s incredible poise, and our thoughts & predictions for season 2. Also contains a real-life story about a sandwich so horrifying Bryan Fuller could actually incorporate
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Hannibal Countdown Begins!

With Season 2 Fast approaching (eeeeeeeeee!!!!) I will be Rewatching Season 1. Anyone up for a groupwatch? Unfortunately I don’t think season 1 is available on Prime/Netflix yet, but the last 3 episodes are still available on Hulu. Anyone up for a groupwatch/liveblog of the last 3 leading up to the Season 2 premiere? Also
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