John Constantine Comes to NBC

I’ve been looking forward to this since I heard they were adapting Hellblazer…and always with the hefty grain of salt. Hellblazer is a fucked up interesting choice for a new show. But NBC has surprised me a lot lately, from Hannibal to the silly but mindlessly enjoyable Dracula, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that I really enjoy this show.

So here are my initial thoughts to this first look, in real time:

Matt Ryan looks like he just walked off the pages of the Comic Book, so that’s pretty good.



Oh, bugs. So that’s canon.

ARGH IS THAT PRINCESS FATNECK?!? Sigh. Well, okay. I hated Lauren Cohan on Supernatural and on Vampire Diaries, but then I fell in love with her on Walking Dead so who knows? Maybe Lucy Griffiths be so good on this show that it’ll erase the memory of Robin Hood forever. Except for all the parts with Richard Armitage, of course.

Hey, Harold Perrineau! Haven’t seen him much lately.

Wait, is that Chaz with a lightning thingie sticking out of his chest?? You can’t kill Chaz in the first episode, you goons.

So in closing, I’ll watch it. It looks like NBC has done the due diligence and done some research on the source material, so that alone is enough for me to give it a chance. On the other hand, a Friday night time slot doesn’t bode well.

What do you think?






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  1. Kip

    Is this Grimm? Is this like Grimm? Should I watch Grimm?

  2. Beth

    It depends, how much do you like incredibly mild entertainment? Grimm is NBC’s queso dip. Mild, warm and super cheesy.

  3. Sleep Goblin

    Looks interesting. Though I am a bit confused, because IMDB says it’s a TV movie, and not a series. NBC also does Grimm and Believe, two more shows with a sci-fi/fantasy twist that I enjoy. It’s getting to the point that if they try something, I’m going to watch it.

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