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Excessively Diverted Episode 11 – Scents and Sensibility


Sammi and Beau are joined by two very special guests – Brian Skinner and Josh Hollis of The Predict-O-Cast! In this episode the fearsome four discuss adult men who can’t dress themselves, embarrassing singing, therapy horses, swiss cheese, limousines, and lotion. SO MUCH LOTION. What’s that smell? It’s fruit, flowers, and a whole lotta bull. Also, despite the inoffensive movie we watched, the language gets a little salty, so listen with discretion.


Scents and Sensibility was directed by Brian Brough and stars Ashley Williams, Maria Sokoloff, Nick Zano, and Brad Johnson.

The Good: 

Look, there’s a lot to unpack here. As our guests point out, this movie is light, breezy, moves at a good pace. Ashley Williams is lovely even if this script is out of this world bizarre. The adult contemporary soundtrack is BONKERS and there’s some hamfisted motivation on behalf of poor, forgotten Margaret Dashwood (and what kind of a 16 year old prefers to be called Margaret?) There were a lot of funny moments, though not in the way that the movie intended, and it kept us entertained despite itself. Also, we’d happily welcome a sponsorship from Fat Cats, “where the real people go.”

The Bad: 

As we’ve come to expect from a lot of these adaptations, the costumes and sets look like castoffs from Windows 95 tutorial videos. John Willoughby and Edward Ferrars’ clothes are particularly heinous. Frannie Ferrars is painful to watch at all times.

The Ugly: 

This movie lost all of our goodwill with the final “Where are they now” title card featuring Willoughby marrying an heiress (with a pained expression) who maybe doesn’t align with this director’s standard of beauty. HA! He got his, having to marry a FAT LADY. So, to quote Sammi, “Fuck You, Movie.”


Not remotely a Jane Austen movie apart from the names and some minor circumstances.

Beau grew up in South Carolina but now calls Portland home. She can get by pretty much anywhere as long as she has her books, iPhone and Netflix.

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