Episode 21 – Gaming!

Hello Faithful Listeners! You will be glad to know that Brian the Liberator has wrested control of the podcast from Beth the Dictatorial! Newfound freedom abounds! We exercise our hard-won rights with a discussion on various facets of gaming, from video games to board games to not-games like celebrity voices we’d give sex to. Embrace
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Episode 15 – 2013 Year In Review!

After a bout of bronchitis, the podcast (and the host) are back to discuss the best, worst, and most WTF moments in 2013 with a roundtable of prior and new co-hosts! We cover everything from Hiddleston’s Loki Surprise at San Diego ComicCon, why Hannibal gave us phrases like “meat wings” and “throat cello,” how Bryan
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Episode 7 – Assassins Creed!

What does Homeland have to do with the third crusade? Nothing! But we try to make that connection anyway as Jay joins myself and Brian to discuss Ubisoft’s time-traveling, globe spanning saga. Listen in stealth mode from a hay bale or you might not achieve full synchronization!       Further Nerd Education