Deliver The Profile Episode 12: Stan Lee

Ronnie and Jazz investigate “Sex, Birth, Death”, which raises the question: can people with murder fantasies prevent themselves from murdering? Yes, moral quandaries once existed on Criminal Minds, and it’s freaking the hell out of our hosts. Also, the boys discuss Stan Lee’s true calling, why Jazz didn’t graduate college and open their Christmas presents.
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Deliver The Profile – Episode 10: BuffyCon

People become roadkill in “Roadkill”, a Season 4 episode of Criminal Minds that passes off a stuntman as an actor and a Johnny Thunder song as a harbinger of death and destruction. To amuses themselves during this otherwise boilerplate episode, Ronnie and Jazz talk Nicholas Brendon, talk TO Nicholas Brendon, discuss Pakistan’s liquor laws and
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Deliver the Profile – Episode 9: RoboCop

Ronnie and Jazz fulfill a promise and cover “Penelope”, part two of a crossover that involves the show’s least likable character getting shot and not dying. This one’s tangent heavy as the boys struggle to mount an effort to care when there’s no profile delivered and an unsub already established last time (as Longmire!). Is
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Deliver the Profile – Episode 8: The Lost Episode

It took three attempts over a series of weeks, but finally Ronnie and Jazz have covered Season 3’s “Lucky”! It’s about Fat Jamie Kennedy becoming less fat and also a cannibal, while Morgan struggles with religion over in Who Gives A Shit Ville. The frustration of having to watch the episode multiple times to refresh
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