The Lone Gardockimen presents: The X-Files 10×02: “Pryde of the X-Men”

X-Files episodes can be divided into two categories: mytharc episodes, ones that advance the alien colonization plot; and monster of the week episodes, standalones that see Mulder and Scully deal with paranormal issues disconnected from the greys. I believe Chris Carter ripped off this set up from either Fringe or Supernatural. Since the mytharc eventually
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Deliver The Profile Episode 15: The Growler

The team grapples with the most wily foe of all: the backdoor pilot, with Season 5’s “The Fight”! Why is Forest Whitaker so much better than everyone else? Does Constantine ever shut the fuck up about his sniper skills? Are Oakland’s millionaires San Francisco’s bums? All these questions and more are answered by Ronnie and
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Deliver The Profile Episode 14: The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pornography

What happens when Ronnie’s laptop stops working? Deliver The Profile goes on an unintentional hiatus. But now Ronnie and Jazz are back and Ronnie’s laptop is quiet as a church mouse. In their sights today is Season 3’s “Limelight”, which involves an electrician and bondage magazines as well as a guest appearance by a cast
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