Deliver The Profile Episode 260: Sgt. Party

Ronnie is actually enthusiastic for once. He’s on drugs in case you wanted an explanation. It sure has nothing to do with “Middle Man” itself, a miserable torture porn excursion smack dab in the middle of Season 6 that pits a lone exotic dancer against a coterie of rapist dipshits, one of whom was a
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Deliver The Profile Episode 259: Gone Gideon Gone

Back to early days with Season 3’s “Scared to Death”, Ronnie and Jazz chat about a Scarecrow unsub who precedes the literal Scarecrow unsub on the show. As the podcast title indicates, Mandy Patinkin’s Gideon has just departed the show and a decent part of this hour is the show dealing with his absence. Ultimately,
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Deliver The Profile Episode 258: St. Patrick’s Day IV: The Return of Danny Murphy

Back to business as usual as Ronnie and Jazz delve into “A Shade of Gray”, one of the rare killer kid episodes. Witness Fake Kyle Chandler’s bullshit plan! Listen to the boys do offensive Irish accents for most of the podcast. Hear them posit an altogether better slasher franchise than Halloween. Most of all, be
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Deliver The Profile Episode 257: Gotham Knights

Not a Criminal Minds episode, but Gotham Knights fits comfortably in the Deliver The Profile remit by being poor television badly told. Why do they keep making Batman shows without Batman? Who the fuck is Turner Hayes? Where’s the Robins anybody cares about? The CW’s latest and least greatest foray into cheap superheroics plumbs new
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