Deliver The Profile Episode 118: Zugzwang III: The Final Zugzwang

You’d think an episode that ends in murder-suicide would be attention grabbing and entertaining. Well, you’d be wrong, as Ronnie and Jazz find out in their examination of Season 8’s “Zugzwang”. The culmination of the Reid’s secret girlfriend subplot, “Zugzwang” manages to combine a mystery and petulance to create something starring the one Nickelodeon star
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Deliver The Profile Episode 117: Beecher? Hardly Know ‘Er!

Oz was such a good show, guys. Criminal Minds isn’t, but they try to attach themselves to the prestige of Oz by casting Lee Tergesen as the unsub in “Retaliation”, Season 5’s effort at changing things up a little. It doesn’t work. What does work? Prentiss is in a car crash. Kids have to interact
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Deliver The Profile Episode 115: Spring Break! Part 1

Yes, this episode is fashionably late. That’s because Ronnie’s laptop died, he got it back, and then it promptly died again after a few days. But don’t let that get you down, because we’ve got a good one for you. It covers the Criminal Minds 1st season finale, “The Fisher King: Part 1″! Who is
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