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Shadowhunters – S01E03 – Dead Man’s Party

We’re back. I know, I’m just as surprised as you are. How long do you think this will survive until it’s canceled? I’m already shocked that it’s not. In this episode, we start with the Rescue Rangers regrouping at the Institute after Simon has been kidnapped by some vampires. Clary is somehow managing to act in
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Shadowhunters – S01E02 – The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy

Hoo boy. Fair warning. I do not like this show. I enjoyed the prequel books a lot, but never made it past the first book in the main series because whiny teenagers are not enjoyable reading for me. But the world in the books have some cool characters, and interesting magic, and it was possible
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Shadowhunters – S01E01 – The Mortal Cup

Here we go! Episode 1 of Shadowhunters. It’s always great when people can do backflips off overpasses without anyone noticing. Oh right, no one can notice. Except our star, who is *special*. Meet Clary. It’s her 18th birthday and she’s applying to attend the Brooklyn Academy of Art. They’re not impressed with her presented portfolio,
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Reign – S01E05 – A Chill in the Air

Fair warning, this episode might as well be titled, “OH NO SHE DIDN’T!” There’s a horse and carriage carrying two ladies; one is sleeping and the other is knitting.  A boy runs out of the woods to tell the driver that the road ahead is flooded, and encourages him to cut through the woods.  After
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Reign – S01E04 – Hearts and Minds

Aaaaand, we’re back!  In case you don’t remember where we left off in Episode 3, lots of people made out, Mary stole a prince without quite giving up the other and is now super secret engaged to two different people (for Scotland!), and Bash is near death.  Whoo! The show opens with Tomas and Francis
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Reign – S01E03 – Kissed

First, a quick side note about the header image Hulu uses for the show.  It’s the standard promotional image used everywhere as far as I can tell, just shifted around a bit to fit the Hulu format.  I’m pretty sure francis is supposed to look seductive or something, but he looks like he’s watching really
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Reign – S01E02 – Snakes in the Garden

Someone is being tortured.  I believe they call this the rack.  When his torturer leaves, Burlap Sack sneaks in to free him, and also jab him with a red-hot fireplace poker.  You can thank me later! Toodles! Lola is still crying over Colin.  Mary is still trying to work out who tried to set her
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Reign – S01E01 – The Pilot

I adore historical pieces.  Honestly, I think you could present me virtually any show topic, and as long as the characters were in period-wear and speaking with some kind of accent, I’d watch it.  You throw in a connection to Queen Elizabeth and I don’t even need to know anything else about it.  So it’s
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